Hypoallergenic Starter Pack

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Hypoallergenic Starter Pack

Custom Made

This Sensitivity Starter Pack is great for dogs that exhibit allergies, food sensitivities or have health issues. Designed to work together, this combination of freeze dried food, GI supplementation & treats will have your pup feeling better than ever! Belly Balance helps restore the GI tract as the freeze dried patties nourishes them from the inside out & the treats are gentle on their system in addition to being ideal for training, treating or using as a tasty addition to their food!

Includes 6 freeze dried patties, 1 bag of Belly Balance & 1 bag of treats

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    • Patties: Freeze-Dried to Lock In Raw Whole Food Nutrition. Gently made to carefully protect each ingredient. The flavor & recipe is handpicked specifically for your dog based on their sensitivities & allergies!
    • Belly Balance: restores the GI tract back to full functioning health. Packed with probiotics, it helps your dogs intestines heal & repair so they are able to absorb all the nutrients from the food they eat
    • Treats: All natural & free of any chemicals, synthetics or additives, we look at your dog specifically and hand pick treats that will be gentle on their system.
    • Convenient at Home or On-the-go
    • Patties are a Complete & Balanced Vet-Formulated Adult Dog Food
  • INGREDIENTS: TBD depending on the specific recipe recommended by our nutrition specialists.

    Safe Handling:Wash hands, utensils, counters, food dishes and related areas thoroughly with hot, soapy water after each feeding.


    Use as a topper to your dogs current food, supplement part of their meal or feed as a Complete & Balanced meal! Patties can be rehydrated with 1/2 - 1 cup warm water or broth or crumbled into pieces and fed dry if desired (we find pups like it rehydrated a little better so we recommend trying that!) Belly Balance: Separate capsule and mix with food. See bag for recommended feeding.

    Serving Size in Patties Per Day

    Small Dog(10-25 lbs)

    Medium Dog(26-40 lbs

    Large Dog(41-60 lbs)

    Extra Large dog(61-80 lbs)





    For each meal, divide the number of patties per day by number of servings per day. For example, if you feed your dog twice each day, divide by two.